Popular bathroom furniture includes items that help in making the bathroom functional, stylish and comfortable. These pieces of furniture may include vanities, shelving, cabinets, countertops and mirrors. They can also incorporate special features like built-in storage for cleaning products, access to electrical outlets, or a more customized design. In addition to style and function, when considering bathroom furniture it is important to take into account the existing layout of the space in order to maximize efficiency.

Popular Bathroom Furniture Pieces

Vanity Units


Bathroom vanity units are integral pieces of furniture that provide functionality and storage in your bathroom. They add a stylish and contemporary look to your home and are often customized to fit the space available, making them an ideal option for bathroom remodeling projects.

Vanity units come in a variety of different materials such as wood, resin, concrete, glass, ceramic tile and metal. Often these pieces will be fitted with unique features such as integrated sinks, towel hangers, shelving or drawers for storing toiletries. Assessing how much storage is needed when selecting from various unit designs is paramount to ensure the piece fits perfectly into an already existing bathroom space.

The color palette available also serves to enhance the overall aesthetics of a vanity unit. In order to coordinate with other furnishing or accent items within a room it’s important to select a unit in the right size but also a color that suits one’s personal style. Additionally, prioritizing quality of construction materials can help you make sure that this fixture stands the test of time while remaining beautiful and useful during its lifespan.

Bathroom vanity units make an ideal addition to any home but need to be carefully curated based on factors like measurements and design style prior to purchase in order for them best fit into their spot in the bathroom. Expertly chosen vanity units present homeowners with additional storage solutions–without compromising decorum–and serve as both practical and attractive pieces within any renovated restroom setup.



Bathroom cupboards, also called vanities and cabinets, are sturdy storage solutions for your remodeling project. Made from durable materials such as wood, stone or composite materials like laminate, bathroom cupboards provide ample space to store linens, toiletries and other vital items that you use daily. Not only do they help add style to the area, but they also make it easier to organize small spaces. They can be designed with modern or traditional features and come in all different shapes and sizes.

In terms of design choices, bathroom cupboards may feature drawers, doors, shelves or all three combined together. Modern designs are often framed with glass and light woods while traditional designs typically have intricate carvings, dark wooden tones and carved legs. Depending on your individual needs and preferences you can choose a configuration that suits you best. Further customization of your cabinet may include combinations of colors, hardware styles and interior dividers found in each shelf.

When planning out the style for your bathroom cupboard it’s helpful to consider both form and function; for instance, if functionality matters more than aesthetics you may opt for a vanity with full shelving instead of a classically styled piece with doors or drawers. The key is to find furniture that makes organizing your space easy while still offering a personalized touch that fits into the overall design plan for the room. With proper installation these pieces can be just as attractive as they are practical!

Linen Cabinets

linen cabinet

Bathroom linen cabinets are specialized storage fixtures in a bathroom space, typically built into or attached to the wall. These tall cupboards offer ample room to store linens, towels, bath supplies, soaps and more. By adding a linen cabinet to your bathroom remodeling project, you can help create an organized and uncluttered look in the bathroom.

These storage cupboards come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They can be made from solid wood, with decorative glass panels, sleek metal shelves or other materials. To choose the perfect cabinet for your needs, consider the overall design of the room- modern or contemporary for instance- and then products that will complement it.

In addition to on-the-floor models designed primarily for storing bedding items, there are many different wall cabinet styles available as part of a bathroom remodeling project that can provide extra storage options – all depending on individual needs & preferences – from corner shelving designs offering ease of access in tight spaces through floating vanity types optimized for displaying décor items like candles & picture frames; overhead medicine boxes with framed mirrors & recessed depth paneling for increasing visibility when shaving/applying cosmetics in a shared area plus various niche configurations designed primarily for holding taller bottles such as lotions & hair care sprays.

Many brands have collections focusing solely on linen closets from slimline countertop formats ideal when little vertical clearance is an issue through tower units providing multiple drawers integrated into larger tallboy style builds suitable even where ceiling heights are minimal; all ranging great variety in terms of finish details & corresponding hardware knobs etc enhancing attractiveness within modern bathrooms whilst satisfying functional requirements associated with neatly storing daily used items alike toilet items & beauty tools likewise reducing clutter while enabling even top floors usage when 2 story buildings apportioned off certain amenities along single storey designated wet areas respecting architectural boundaries within private dwellings – ultimately crafting unique picturesque customized spaces aesthetically appealing beyond expectations!

Wall Shelves

wall shelf

Bathroom wall shelves are an essential element of a modern bathroom remodel. They provide additional storage opportunities, as well as an interesting visual look to the room. The shelves come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made from wood, metal, acrylic or glass. Many times these shelves are designed to fit flush against the wall and integrate with the other design elements in the space. Whether you’re looking for a way to add more storage, or just to bring a stylish touch to your bathroom walls, wall shelves offer many benefits.

Wall shelves are usually either recessed into the wall or mounted on it so that they do not take up too much floor space. This allows homeowners to maximize their storage potential without cluttering up the room. When installing them onto a drywall surface, ensure that appropriate anchors for mounting hardware have been used for added stability and safety.

Choosing a shelf style depends upon several factors including the overall design of your new bathroom as well as personal preferences; there is likely an option that will match what you had in mind perfectly. Wall shelving also provides an opportunity to create visual interest by integrating unique materials such as glass or floating power bars with charging ports in each shelf. In general, most bathrooms benefit from one or two sizable shelves above eye level and smaller ones lower down – however this may vary depending upon individual needs and desired aesthetic effects.

For added convenience while using wall shelves inside a bathroom environment it is beneficial to consider waterproof materials such as plastic-coated steel baskets or even marine-grade teak sometimes found in boatbuilding apps – this way liquids won’t penetrate but will be able to collection below instead of on the walls themselves where it could otherwise cause damage due to mold or mildew growth over time. And don’t forget about displaying decorative items such as potted plants or candles – these help create not only practical but also aesthetic appeal!

Ultimately adding bathroom wall shelves can be an easy way of making sure everyone’s necessities have their own place within easy reach while still maintaining a sleek look throughout any spacce’s remodeling project – when done correctly these fixtures can efficiently bridge function with form no matter how large (or small) they might appear at first glance!

What are the different styles of bathroom furniture?

Traditional bathroom furniture, also known as classic, is often characterized by its reliance on antique or timeless designs. This style typically features dark, rich wood finishes and ornate details such as carvings and lathe-turned details that give it a formal feel. Common traditional pieces include clawfoot tubs, pedestal sinks, mirrored cabinets with intricate scrollwork and framed mirrors with gold detailing.

Contemporary bathroom furniture has a more modern look that combines clean lines, bold colors and sleek hardware. This look is particularly popular in minimalist bathrooms where all the fixtures and accessories interact to create one cohesive aesthetic. Some contemporary pieces may be constructed of wood but are often finished in lighter tones like white or cream. Popular pieces include floating vanity units, wall mounted sinks and toilets, glass basins or shelves with integrated lighting and framed mirrors without any additional ornamentation.

Luxury bathroom furniture usually evokes a sense of opulence thanks to its intricate design elements such as marbling or complex millwork detail along with its addition of high-end finishes like polished chrome and nickel plating which add extra shine to the piece’s silhouette. Additionally, luxury pieces often incorporate unique materials such as granite countertops for vanities as well as luxurious fabrics for upholstered stools or chaises. Popular luxury items include freestanding bathtubs made from marble or stone alongside repurposed vintage units from reputable designers such as Art Deco chandeliers.

What materials are suitable for bathroom furniture?

Metal, wood and wicker are some of the most popular materials used to furnish bathrooms. Metal is perhaps the most versatile material, as it can be bent and shaped into various shapes and sizes. It’s also resistant to water, making it a great choice for sinks and cabinets. Wood offers plenty of natural beauty and warmth compared to other materials, making it a preferred choice when adding furniture with a classic look. Wicker is also popular in bathroom settings due to its versatile nature – it can be woven in intricate patterns and styles, giving off a unique look that’s perfect for shabby chic designs.

It’s important to consider the durability of any material you choose for bathroom furniture: metal is relatively easy to clean but needs proper maintenance; wood should be sealed against moisture; wicker is relatively sturdy but could splinter or break if not handled properly. Furthermore, metal surfaces often require occasional polishing or replacing coatings. All materials require proper cleaning on a regular basis to maintain their aesthetics over time and keep them from rusting or rotting away due to dampness.

When selecting furniture pieces for your bathroom renovation project, consider how much space do you have available, how long you plan on keeping the items in service, what your budget is and then decide which material will provide the best value and looks best in the room. For instance, if you’re after an industrial-inspired design then metal will suit your needs better than wicker. But if antique appeal is what you’re after then opt for pieces with wooden frames matched with metal trimmings or even rattan ones made out of wicker that add texture to any design scheme. And finally when choosing between all three materials bear in mind that metal might require more frequent attention while wood may cost more initially but prove sturdier over time – so think about sustainability incorporated into your budget too!

Bathroom Furniture Benefits

Bathroom furniture offers a personal touch in completing a bathroom’s design scheme, providing both essential functionality and attractive appearance. From vanities to storage cabinets, there are many options that consider all of the different elements necessary for developing an inviting space. Customizing furniture pieces gives homeowners the chance to create their own unique look to perfectly fit their decorating style.

Appearance is one of the main advantages to incorporating bathroom furniture into any interior designer’s vision. Different styles and finishes can be mixed together to create a signature bathroom look. For instance, contrasting finishes between cabinetry and fixtures can add visual interest while still perfectly complementing each other. Finishes can be contemporary or traditional or even combine two or more different looks as desired by the homeowner.

Functionality is also an important aspect of having bathroom furniture in a home. Vanities with drawers offer plenty of storage space for keeping items hidden away and out of sight such as hair dryers, makeup, styling tools and accessories instead occupying valuable shelf and counter space above them with containers for styling products or small appliances on top. Storage cabinets provide ample room for towels, wash clothes and other linens that don’t necessarily need to be on display but should have easy access when needed as well as toiletries like extra bars of soap, shampoos, conditioners and other miscellaneous supplies like extra toilet paper rolls.

A custom look is another plus point for employing bath furnishings in bathrooms with either major remodels or installations of completely new spaces altogether. The number one goal for any renovation project is action, ultimately creating a desired outcome: something beautiful but also practical in the long run especially in today’s busy lifestyles where time available at home needs to be enjoyed.. When selecting specific items like vanities and cabinets, homeowners might decide between factory-made options or going bespoke with local craftsmen able to create true personal statement pieces that make any single bathroom stand out from its peers. This option adds more value down the line when selling a property due to its uniqueness.

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