Mirrors are really important, and they can also complement or affect the look of your bathroom; that’s why you must choose the right mirror based on the bathroom’s theme. You can find bathroom mirrors in different styles, shapes, frames, and other variations based on your requirements. Bathroom mirrors not only complement the style of decor but also adds personality to your bathroom. 

Choosing the right mirror depends on many factors, and vanity size is also one of them; that’s why you must take the size correctly, and the design should also match the theme. Some people prefer to go for a smaller mirror than their vanity, and some people choose a size equal to their vanity, but it is recommended not to go beyond that sign to create the perfect look. Before we discuss choosing the right mirror and size for the mirror, let’s get to know the types of bathroom mirrors first. 

Bathroom Mirror Types

There are different types of mirrors available in the market, varying from different shape to size. Let’s have a look at some of the best modern-style mirrors for your new bathroom look so you can make the right decision without any hassles or confusions. There are different types of bathroom mirrors including round, square, framed, and oval mirrors. Let’s discuss the qualities and details of each of types for complete information.

Round Mirrors

round shaped mirror with pendant light and basin in modern bathroom

Round mirrors are circular in shape, and you can find them in different sizes. Round mirrors provide a touch of softness, and they also help in developing the aesthetic and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. If you place the round mirror strategically in the bathroom, it will make your space look bigger. Also, one of the best things about the round mirror is the versatility it carries because it can fit into any space and theme, but they are the ideal choice for small bathrooms.

There are also different designs available in these mirrors, and you can also incorporate different frames depending on the style you’re looking for. If you even don’t choose the frame, then round mirrors will also look equally elegant with round and soft edges. These mirrors provide a sense of balance as it also matches the shape of the basin in the bathroom. You can also add wall lamps with round mirrors for a more attractive finish.

Square Mirrors

modern bathroom with vanity and square mirror

The square mirrors are unique, and they look more modern and different than the usual mirrors. They are the best choice for contemporary bathrooms, and you can find them in various sizes. They are the best choice for contemporary bathrooms, and you can find them in various shapes. You can also get full-length square mirrors for your bathrooms to check your daily outfits and looks, and they also look very presentable as well. 

Square mirrors are also useful if you’re looking to get custom storage made in the bathroom; this way, you can cover the front with a mirror and can have a shelf behind it. Mirrors enhance the look of the place and make it look double its size, and bathrooms usually have small space, so they will be a great addition to improve your interior. This is an ideal way to make your bathroom look exclusive with your own mark. Also, you must choose a modern style for square mirrors because traditional designs are boring and outdated. 

Framed Mirrors

aesthetic black framed mirror with bathroom sink

Framed mirrors are really popular, and these mirrors come with frames that can be made of different materials such as wood, metal, or some other material. You can find different frames matching the interior of your bathroom. While the improved look might be the only reason you are considering framed mirrors but there are also benefits as well. 

Framed mirrors also prevent desilverizing, which means you won’t be getting dark edges and black spots in your mirrors after some time of use, so instead of replacing the whole mirror after some time, you might want to get a frame installed in the beginning to prevent this issue. Unframed mirrors look good with some interiors, but most of the time, they look unfinished; that’s why choosing framed mirrors to help you to decorate your vanity or bathroom wall better. Framed mirrors are easy to personalize, and you can also add a drape or beads around the edges for a DIY look. 

Oval Mirrors

oval mirror in modern bathroom

Oval mirrors are similar to round mirrors but are elongated into an oval shape. You can use these mirrors for a soft look or a dramatic ambiance depending on your requirements and preferences. Mirrors are not only used for seeing purposes, but they also help us to enhance the size of the bathroom and make the light more prominent. 

The oval mirror gives style to your bathroom oasis and gives your bathroom a more sophisticated and stylish look. Even though it is also being said that oval mirrors are the most aesthetic choice you can make as compared to other bathroom mirrors. It is also an ideal choice for small bathrooms because it creates an organic flow vision on the wall of your bathroom, and it is also very calm. You can use oval mirrors at any angle, including horizontal or vertical, based on the available space on the wall, and you’re definitely going to love it in both ways.


How To Choose

While most people don’t spend much time choosing the right mirror for their bathroom, it is one of the important things that can completely change the look of your bathroom, making it look more visually appealing if selected wisely. You should always give equal importance to your bathroom mirrors as other fixtures because you’ll be using them on a daily basis.  Choosing the right bathroom mirror can be a little confusing, but there are some tips that can help you choose the right bathroom mirror.

  1. Consider your sink size, wall space, and eye level while choosing the mirror style. The mirror should always be installed a few inches above eye level, considering the height of both tall and short people.
  2. Choose the size of the mirror based on your preferences, whether you like it large or small, because each size and shape has a different impact and offers something different, so you can decide the shape depending on the theme you’re looking for. 
  3. Decide if you want a frameless mirror or framed mirror according to the theme and decor you are going for. Frameless mirrors have a classy look, and frame mirrors are great for extra detailing and filling up space. 
  4. There is a variety of modern styles available in bathroom mirrors, and you will find the most suitable for your bathroom’s material. You can also pair up these mirrors with modern lighting for an enhanced look.


1. Which mirror is best for a bathroom?
Pivot mirrors are best for the bathroom because they are adjustable and easy to install. They also work well in daylight.

2. Are heavier mirrors better?
Heavier mirrors are considered to be better than ordinary mirrors. They’re more durable because of their thickness.

3. Do mirrors have to be wider than the sink?
Ideally, a mirror should be vertically long enough to present a decent reflection to everyone. They’re not supposed to be wider than the sink.  

4. What types of bathroom mirrors are in style nowadays?
Usually, people choose mirrors depending on the interior of their bathroom, but circular and curved edge mirrors have been really popular in home interiors, and they are also in trend.

5. Should I choose a round or rectangular mirror?
Rectangle mirrors are standard for bathrooms and have been used for ages, but if you’re in doubt, then you should definitely go for the round mirrors for a modern and classy look.


The mirror should be installed in the bathroom by taking professional assistance while remodeling your bathroom. Mirrors are heavy and expensive, and even a little damage from the corner can ruin the look of the whole mirror; that’s why they should be installed correctly. Getting professional services to provide you the long-term quality work also saves you from damage and you will get the work that will make your bathroom mirror stay in its place without any risks. 

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