Bathroom paint can be a great way to add a touch of color, vibrancy, and design to an otherwise dull space in your home. Whether you’re remodeling your entire bathroom or just need to spruce it up with a few coats of paint, the process can be complex and overwhelming. Before starting your bathroom painting project, it’s important to understand the different elements that should go into selecting materials, applying the right primer and technique for durability, and understanding how the finished product will blend in with other components such as lighting fixtures, mirrors, tile work, and countertop pieces.

Modern Bathroom Color Schemes

Popular color schemes could draw on classic neutrals such as beiges and greys, vintage pastels and whites, or warm earth tones. However, it is also possible to incorporate both vibrant and muted shades into your palette — making sure that they won’t overpower the space while still adding in just enough drama. Some of the most popular trends for modern bathroom paints include the following:


neutral color tone for modern bathroom

Neutral-tone paint colors are among the most popular choices when it comes to bathroom remodeling and design. By using a neutral color palette, bathrooms can go from drab to fab quickly and often on a budget. One of the main benefits of choosing a neutral paint color in the bathroom is that the space appears larger than it actually is.  In addition, these colors can easily be complemented by different colors and textures within decorative accents such as towels, rugs, cabinets, and even shower tiles.

Neutral tones act as a strong backdrop for various elements, making them look more well-coordinated with one another, ideal for modern looks. Another benefit of using neutral colors is their ability to transcend trends; generally speaking, these colors won’t quickly become outdated because they serve as timeless options for those who want their spaces to look updated years after completing home renovations.

Beige Tones

beige tone in modern bathroom

Incorporating beige tones for bathroom remodeling can add depth and sophistication conducive to creating a gorgeous and serene oasis. Beige tones differ substantially in shades and hues, so finding the perfect fit may seem overwhelming; embracing soft creams, stark whitewashes, delicate champagne, or an earthy sandstone makes the space feel inviting while enhancing light levels and creating optical enlargement of space. 

Moreover, unlike other paint styles that require frequent color washes over the years, this shade tends to last longer due to its durable properties providing hardiness against fluctuations in temperature and humidity, resistant to mold growth caused bacteria build-up typical within such environments.

Grey Hues 

grey paint in bathroom

Gray hues can lend their soft and gentle touch to enliven the atmosphere of any room. A grey color scheme provides a sophisticated look while adding warmth, coziness, and an air of timelessness. Gray paint also pairs well with other colors, making it a complementary choice for many bathroom designs. Aside from its aesthetic qualities, gray offers some unique advantages not found in other hues. Grey is highly reflective and chooses details like light fixtures or a statement wall. Additionally, due to its neutrality, updating your design with vibrant furniture pieces won’t lead to too much dissonance between fixtures and walls.

Vibrant Patterns

vibrant purple paint in bathroom 

Using a vibrant pattern paint color scheme for a bathroom remodel can provide an array of advantages. Not only will the specific type of paint drastically enhance aesthetic appeal, but it will also transform an ordinary space into a destination full of stimulation. One advantage to using vibrant pattern paints on bathroom surfaces is their superior durability and resistance when compared to standard paints. 

These specialized paints are created with multiple polymers, which aid in increased water resistance, making it better suited for humid environments than regular paints. This ensures that the property will maintain its breathtaking beauty, well beyond expectations of what may have been originally anticipated with regard to lifespan and longevity.

5 Tips to Choose the Right Paint for Bathroom 

modern bathroom with blue paint

When considering a home remodeling project, such as painting a bathroom, it is important to choose the right paint for the job. The following five points are vital to consider when selecting an appropriate paint:


High-quality and durable paints can withstand frequent exposure to moisture, heat, and humidity. Bathroom walls face all these elements, so selecting a high-grade paint with superior durability is essential for long-term results in color retention, stain resistance, and mildew control.

Cleaning Ability 

Not only must the chosen paint stand up against water, moisture, and humidity, but it should also be able to tolerate regular cleaning with soap or detergent. This will maintain sanitary bathroom walls while keeping them looking bright and fresh.

Off-Gasing Emissions

For healthy air quality within the space, it is wise to select low VOC/low odor materials that minimize off-gassing emissions over time, especially if your family has allergies or respiratory sensitivities of any sort.

Color Choice

A variety of colors can create different atmospheres within a bathroom – calmer, lighter wash tones create more subtle feelings of relaxation; brighter shades deliver energy and cheer; darker hues provide a warm contrast that makes furnishings pop. Your choice can help decide whether you wish your bathroom’s mood to be serene or cheerful.


Taking into account cost per gallon versus coverage area can help you manage finances when facilitating this part of a remodeling project, as some higher-end products command higher prices from reputable vendors compared to unbranded paints at big box stores, which may not offer the same degree of quality assurance – aim for the middle ground between cost-effective options versus ultra premium certifications where necessary.

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