Bathroom plumbing, also known as sanitary or wet plumbing, is an essential part of home remodeling. When it comes to home renovations, bathroom plumbing can play a significant role in determining how successfully and efficiently the remodeling is performed. It involves the installation of plumbing fixtures such as toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs that are designed specifically for the purpose of providing adequate sanitation and water delivery services. 

How to Choose the Right Plumbing Fixtures?

bathroom plumbing fixtures

When considering home remodeling projects, one often overlooked aspect is choosing the right plumbing fixtures for the project. Properly selecting plumbing fixtures involves considerations beyond their appearance, such as durability, water pressure, and budget. In order to choose the best fixtures for any given project, it is essential first to understand the different types of plumbing fixtures available.


There are five main types of plumbing fixtures: bidets, faucets, showers/bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. Each type of fixture includes various materials and installation possibilities that can be customized to suit individual needs and preferences. For example, some materials may have higher resistance ratings when compared to other more traditional materials like copper or brass.


It is also paramount to recognize what needs each room requires regarding plumbing fixtures before making any purchases or decisions about their layout. For instance, if you plan on adding a half bath rather than a full bath in the home remodel, then one will likely only require a sink and toilet. In contrast, a full-sized bath requires additional stainless steel components, such as shower heads with built-in lights or Bluetooth speakers for audio purposes.

Water Pressure

It is important to choose the right water pressure. Usually, there are two primary considerations: family size and local water pressure. For example, if a household contains multiple users who use several fixtures at once – such as a couple taking a shower while someone else is doing laundry, then higher water pressure can make all tasks more efficient. On the other hand, municipal pumps can be installed for an additional cost to ensure adequate water flow in areas with low water pressure.

Plumbing Upgrades to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly 


eco friendly bathroom

Nowadays, many of us are looking for plumbing solutions that not only offer performance and convenience but also promote a more eco-friendly approach. However, when it comes to designing and remodeling your home bathrooms, one of the biggest challenges is the selection of sustainable, energy-saving fixtures that have a minimal environmental impact.

Tank Conversion


tank conversion

One way to reduce our bathroom’s carbon footprint is to switch from traditional tank water heaters to tankless ones. Tankless models only use energy when hot water is needed and can provide hot water instantly at any time. They also save on space and provide longer lifespans than traditional tanked models. As a bonus, look for natural gas-powered systems, as they cause less pollution than electric models.

Upgraded Showerheads


upgraded showerhead


Including the low-flow showerheads help you to conserve both clean water and energy by reducing the flow rate of hot water through pipes. In some cases, these options can result in a 50 percent reduction in total usage without compromising performance or comfort! Furthermore, if you choose a rain showerhead, you may also benefit from its calming sensation as well as its ability to create a spa per se inside your own bathroom.


Low Flush Toilets


low flush toilet


Low-flush toilets are a great way to reduce water use. Lower capacity cisterns mean more efficient flushing without compromising on performance. At the same time, advanced models even feature dual flush systems that consume just 1 liter instead of the usual six liters per flush. Furthermore, some studies regarding residential water usage demonstrate that nearly 60% of the water needed goes toward toilet flushing, so that this slight shift could amount to significant savings over time.



Recycable Material


modern bathroom


Eco-friendly home remodeling can include a number of anti-pollution techniques, such as using non-toxic and recyclable materials, opting for energy-efficient appliances, and taking measures to minimize water wastage. Bringing this concept into a bathroom remodel may require different approaches to traditional plumbing solutions, but you will end up with the best results possible. 

Tips to Maintain Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures 


Modern bathroom with warm temperature

Keeping bathroom plumbing fixtures in top condition is essential to creating a clean, low-maintenance home. Plumbing fixtures are often underestimated when remodeling a bathroom, but they require diligent upkeep and occasional repairs in order to keep them running smoothly. In addition, proper caring for the interior pipes drains, and other components that make up the plumbing system can help minimize energy costs, keep water free from contaminants, and protect against unwanted pests. Here are some tips and best practices for maintaining the health of your bathroom plumbing systems.

  1. Always make sure to use quality parts for any replacement, as low-cost parts often do not last long and can cause unnecessary damage to existing fixtures within the house.
  2.  It’s important to consider preventive measures for prolonging the condition of your current bathroom plumbing system. 
  3. Periodically inspect exposed pipes for wear-and-tear-like corrosion which requires immediate attention from a professional.
  4. Regularly review safety protocols, such as checking if the water supply pressure is too high by using a pressure gauge installed on the main feed line leading into the residence.

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