The shower is one of the favorite parts of getting a bathroom remodeled because who doesn’t want to upgrade their daily showers to the most incredible experience? However, showers should be chosen carefully, based on the bathroom’s interior, available space, and the style you are looking for. 

Types of Bathroom Showers

When it comes to choosing the shower for your bathroom, you might feel confused because of the available options and different styles. Here are some different types of showers that should be up for consideration:

Electric Showers

black electric shower

Electric showers are the most versatile and interesting showers. They are also ideal if you prefer a quick hot shower. Electric showers can provide instant hot water without using a boiler or tank. They have good water pressure and they are easy to install, which makes them a very convenient option. 

These showers work by taking the cold water supply and heating it quickly using the built-in heating element. Once the water is heated up to the right temperature, it is pushed through the shower head. Electric showers are suitable for all households regardless of whatever water system you’re using. Also, if you’re worried about additional electricity bills, then you must know these showers are energy efficient and economical as compared to other showers. 

Advantages of Electric Showers

  1. You don’t require a separate hot water supply as it will use the cold water supply to convert it to hot water, which makes it more convenient.
  2. Electric showers are energy efficient; they are economical and one of the most affordable options available as compared to other showers.
  3. Electric showers are also an ideal option for houses with combi boilers. They can work with every type of water system.  
  4. They are high-performance and increase the speed of water coming through, which makes your shower experience better. 
  5. Electric showers are also a very presentable and stylish choice for bathrooms which improves your bathroom interior. 

Digital Showers

digital shower in modern bathroom

Digital showers are a recent invention and are perfect for those who love incorporating technology into their lives. You can find precise temperature control options for these showers, which can be operated with a touch button.

These showers are very efficient and easier to control. Digital showers provide you with reliable temperature regulation and full safety aspects that you expect from any digital device. This shower is also convenient for daily routine showers when you’re in a hurry or a relaxing long shower after a tiring day with the desired water temperature. You can also control this shower using the remote from a distance of 10 meters. Digital showers provide you with more control over your shower routine by making the whole experience better and more relaxing. 

Advantages of Digital Showers

  • Digital showers provide the most fabulous look to your bathroom, making it look more modern.
  • Some digital showers also have the option to set up profiles so each family member can have a separate profile for their required temperature. 
  • Digital showers can also be operated with voice commands using Alexa or Google home hub. 
  • There are also additional features available in the digital shower, such as WiFi connectivity, voice activation, and a separate app for additional features.
  • These showers are very flexible than traditional showers and can fit any home environment and water supply.

Power Showers

power showers in modern bathroom

Power showers are commonly used nowadays, and they are also ideal for houses with low pressure. The power shower has both cold and hot water supply and provides good pressure for the fresh bath. 

Having the built-in pump, they increase the water pressure. These showers function by only heating water when you need it to excess energy isn’t being wasted. Even with a low pressure, you can easily control the temperature based on your requirements. Power showers enhance the look of your bathroom and there are also variety of designs available which you can choose according to the theme you’re looking for. Power showers are a blend of both electric and mixer shower so you’ll be getting benefits of both of the types. 

Advantages of Power Showers

  1. Power showers are convenient, budget-friendly which makes them economical and accessible for every household.
  2. These types of showers might use extra water, but they also come in eco-friendly options. 
  3. These showers are durable for long-term use and you can maintain them for years without being worried about quality.
  4. Power showers can be installed easily by taking a professional help. 
  5. These showers are presentable and can be fit in any modern bathroom interior.

Some of the other types of showers include mixer showers, traditional showers, and black showers.

Choosing the Right Shower Head

There are three different categories of shower faucets, including standard shower faucets, the shower system, and the faucet combo, that you can review to decide the most suitable shower faucet for your bathroom.


traditional shower faucet

Traditional shower faucets include interior valves, control handles, and a singular shower head. You can find various designs and style options in traditional shower faucets. They are also ideal for small spaces with limited shower space.

This can also include a hand-held shower faucet installed along with a head shower based on your requirements. Also, handheld showers can be convenient for people with mobility issues. Traditional shower faucets are low-cost, and you can also save water using them. 

Shower System

modern shower system faucet

The shower system includes the traditional faucet design for flexible use. It features control handles, interior valves, and usually, a handheld shower head component along with the main shower head. 

This is one of the modern and elegant for modern bathrooms, and it features unique features with integrated controls, having one controller for controlling the water flow and another one for regulating the temperature. Also, having safety benefits, these shower systems are the safer option with no risks of burns. These systems are made of high quality, which makes them durable for prolonged use.

Tub & Shower

shower and tub faucet

If you have a bathtub that also works as a shower, then this type of faucet must be your choice. These shower faucet systems come with a bathtub faucet and specific control handles. This allows you the flexibility of choosing between a quick shower or a relaxing bath.

 The tub and shower combo relieves you from finding each of the faucets separately to match each other, through which you can save browsing time and spend it finding some other fixtures for your bathroom.

Professional Installation

Showers and faucets must be installed professionally while remodeling your bathroom because they also involve other categories, such as faucets and plumbing work. It is important to get professional assistance for long-term and durable quality work. It also saves your time and prevents additional issues or damages otherwise there are chances that you might end up with additional issues after some time. 

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