Remodeling a bathroom can be quite the task. While most people pay attention to fixtures like showers, countertops, and floors, the toilet can be an easy thing to forget about. However, having a high-quality and modern toilet can really complete the look of any bathroom.

Types of Toilets

There are multiple types of toilet systems available on the market, which you can choose based on your requirements and the interior of your bathroom. Some of the most popular toilet systems include the following:

Gravity Toilets

gravity toilet in modern bathroom

Gravity is one the most common and popular toilet systems which you can be usually found in our homes. This model uses gravity to push the wash water and push out the waste. When you push the handle, a valve opens within the tank, and the water falls from the force of gravity. Having siphoning action, water and waste move through the pipe into the septic tank or utility sewer pipes. To prevent water flow in the tank, there is also a small overflow tube to keep the water inside the tank.


  • The gravity toilet system is budget-friendly, and you can easily get them installed.
  • It has a low-cost repair which means you won’t be spending a lot of money in case of mirror damage or issues.
  • These toilets are easy to clean on a daily basis, and you can maintain them for years.


  • The chain can easily get detached, and it also wastes extra water.
  • You might need multiple flushes to dispose of waste properly.
  • These toilets can sometimes get clogged easily

Dual Flush

double flush toilet in bathroom with vanity

Dual flush is a toilet system with a water-saving option. It uses a combination of gravity and pressure-assisted flush, allowing the user to choose which type of “flush” they want. Dual flush is the toilet system with a water-saving option. It is often considered a combination of gravity and pressure-assisted flush, offering either or both options to the users. These toilets provide two options for flushing, including high volume and low volume, depending on the required water, instead of wasting a lot of water on every use. These toilets are very water efficient, and you can save a lot of water bills by installing them in your bathrooms. These toilets use the natural force of gravity, and they are less likely to get clogged.


  • It saves extra water, which makes it more efficient.
  • Dual flush toilets can be installed in every kind of household.
  • These toilets are more environmentally friendly as compared to other toilets.


  • This toilet system is expensive.
  • It needs to be cleaned and maintained often.

Pressure Assisted

modern bathroom with pressure assisted toilets

Pressure-assisted toilet systems were common in commercial places, but they are also getting popular in houses because of their environmentally friendly consumerism. Pressure-assisted toilets feature a secondary tank inside, which creates additional pressure to force the flush. This tank can be metal or plastic and helps to generate a larger force through the air inside the tank. These toilets assist the force of gravity with extra pressure, and you’ll also experience a loud whooshing sound when flushing these toilets.


  • They are water efficient, these toilets use less water and flush more efficiently.
  • Pressure-assisted systems are not likely to get clogged.
  • These toilets may be a little more expensive, but they have high flushing power.


  • They have louder noise.
  • These systems are a little expensive compared to other systems.
  • Pressure-assisted toilets are a little complicated to get installed.

Types of Flushing Mechanisms

Similar to bathroom systems, there are also multiple types available for bathroom flushes. Some of the styles include the following:

Single Flush

A single flush is the most used type of flushing, and you can simply depress the handle to flush the toilet. It is convenient to use, but it can waste water. These flushes are best for daily use and can also be utilized in places with high traffic. A single flush is less high-tech and more accessible. These flushes are also easy to repair with low maintenance costs. You can easily get them installed professionally by getting the experienced help. 

Double Flush

This type of flush has a dual capability than the usual types of flushes. It features two options, including a soft press to flush liquids or a firm press to flush solids. They use less water but are a little difficult to maintain. Double flush is one of the best eco-friendly options, saving a lot of water. These toilets are highly recommendable for residential use, and you can choose the right amount of water to use every time you use the toilet. These systems also go well with modern and stylish bathrooms because they are less common and have great aesthetic appeal. 

No Touch Flush

No touch flush is a technology-based flush that is also getting common in houses. It has a sensor located on the top of the tank to signal when you are “finished,” which is great for overall hygiene. You can find this feature in built-in toilet systems, or you can also get it installed. They are expensive but minimize contact with germs.

These flushes also save you from the issues associated with overflowing and blocked toilets. No touch flush is ideal for avoiding maintenance issues and sustaining the hygiene of the toilet area. You can also find a variety of sleek and modern EOS control panels available for this toilet to make your bathroom more impressive and aesthetic.

How do I choose the right toilet for my bathroom?

There are multiple factors you should consider when choosing a toilet for your bathroom. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision. 


  • Measure the size of your current toilet and then find the model that will match the approximate size.
  • Choose the best style that matches your bathroom’s interior.
  • You can choose darker or lighter shades, from white to gray or black, to match the decor.
  • Flush performance is the main factor to consider. The more water the toilet uses, the higher your water bill will be each month. 
  • Try to choose the option that has efficient performance and saves water.

Professional Installation

A toilet is definitely something most people can’t “DIY” because it needs expertise and experience. It is highly recommended to get your toilet installed professionally so you can get satisfactory results without any mess or additional issues. Also, once the installation process is completed, we will make sure everything is working perfectly.

To learn more about our toilet services, please get in touch with us here at Marich Inc. We would be happy to visit your home for a free consultation regarding kitchen remodeling in Austin TX and the surrounding areas. Call us at (512) 952-1868 for a free consultation.


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