Bathroom vanities decides the overall look of your bathroom theme; that’s why it is important to decide on the vanity wisely. The vanity includes a sink, countertop, and storage. You can find various different styles in the market based on your bathroom’s interior and theme. Choosing the right vanity also includes considering the space of your bathroom so it can fit well.


Similar to kitchen vanities, bathroom vanities can also be found in different styles and types. Choosing the right vanity for your bathroom usually depends on the space of your bathroom and the style you’re looking for. However, we have listed some of the most popular types of vanities to help you provide the needed information and choose the best option for your bathroom.


modern pedestal vanity

The pedestal vanity requires very little space featuring the pedestal sink with no space for a countertop and storage. Pedestal vanity can be installed easily, and it is efficient for small bathrooms. Pedestal vanities are simple yet classy, and the absence of a lower cabinet makes its footprint smaller, with more free space in the bathroom. You can find different designs and sizes of this type, and you can also get them customized according to the theme of your bathroom. Having a simple design, these vanities are easy to clean and can be maintained easily

Undermounted Sink

under mount sink  vanity

This type of under-mounted sink has a built-in basin mounted below the countertop for your vanity. Under mounted sink provides a sleek style and smooth appearance, but it takes little effort to install. These types of vanities are quite versatile, and there is no visible lip to create a distinct separation between the sink and countertop. These vanities also have a smooth cleaning process, and you don’t need any special cleaning products for maintenance. These sinks also provide increased countertop space, and you can utilize the extra space for placing the products. This vanity will be different from any other vanity because only the undermount sink features the sink mounted underneath the countertop. 


wooden cabinet bathroom vanity

A cabinet vanity is similar to the kitchen cabinets featuring pull-out drawers. This type of vanity also provides an efficient storage solution for your bathroom. Cabinet vanity can be found in various door and hardware styles, and you can also choose the size based on your requirements. These vanities are an efficient way of having a modern vanity and additional storage to keep your bathroom clean and clear. This will also help you with cleaning and organizing your vanity and bathroom on a daily basis. You can also get these cabinet vanities customized depending on the available space and needed drawer sizes.


floating vanity in modern bathroom

Floating vanity is also known as wall-mounted vanity, and it is directly mounted to your bathroom wall. It provides your bathroom with an open and contemporary look with floor space underneath. You can also add the countertop if needed. These vanities are hung above the floor, giving the illusion of more space and making your bathroom look bigger. These vanities are above the floor, which makes it easier to clean beneath the vanity, and you can also clean the water splashes after the over-energetic face wash or shower. One of the additional benefits you get with this vanity is you can get it installed according to your height which will make it more convenient for daily use. There are also drawers underneath the sink which provide you with additional storage.


Modern Lighting Ideas

A vanity works as a statement piece for your bathroom; that’s why vanity lighting works equally important. Vanity light also provides a source of an additional source of light that lights the whole bathroom and other fixtures.

LED Strips

LED bathroom mirror

LED strips are usually used for accent and backlighting. These lights are used widely for the modern ambiance and also add a dramatic effect to your vanity. LED strips are energy efficient as compared to traditional light bulbs. These strips use far less energy, and you can easily save money on energy bills. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, LED is a great choice because it is also durable and has a good life span as compared to other lightings. You can find different temperatures and brightness levels in these strips, and they are also available in a variety of colors. 


pendant lighting on vanity in modern bathroom

Pendant lights are getting really popular for bathroom remodeling. You can use different types of pendant lights over your vanity to create an aesthetic layer of lighting. Pendant lights come in great variations of sizes, materials, and designs. These lights have their own aura of simplicity and elegance. This can be one of the best choices for modern lighting, and there are many other benefits of using pendant lights as well. This type of light is highly adaptable and can be customized easily based on your preferences. Having a unique style, these lights provide a direct light source to spot where it’s needed the most, so you can easily install the lights to create an ambiance, and it is also the perfect choice to illuminate large spaces. 


scone lighting on round mirror with vanity

Scones are usually installed on the top or the side of the mirror. You can use them in pairs, multi-bulb fixtures, or individual units. Scones can be found in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Unlike other lighting, wall scones illuminate the area pretty well by creating an aesthetic ambiance without lighting the whole room. They are ideal for a luxurious and elegant atmosphere, and you can incorporate these with any kind of vanity and mirror. These are also energy efficient, so you don’t have to be worried about extra energy bills. You can easily find different design options in both traditional and modern themes.


Mirror Lights

led mirror on vanity with white sink

Mirror lights are cool and can save you from a lot of hassle of choosing different lights for your vanity. There are many different lights you can incorporate with your mirror, which will make a perfect spot for your makeup. New-style mirror lights emit the best lighting for personal use, and you can also create a relaxing and comforting ambiance using mirror lights which will make your bathroom more convenient to use. They bring modernity and practicality to your interior design, and you can also buy mirrors having in-built lighting for this purpose. These lights are energy efficient and can be installed for prolonged use.


You should always make sure to clean the vanity on a daily basis and reseal it every year for long-term maintenance. For regular cleaning, you can use warm water and a soft cloth. Always avoid using harsh chemicals to avoid the stains and discoloration of the vanity.

Vanity Installation

While remodeling your bathroom, you must install the vanity professionally because of the heavy weight and get it properly sealed for prolonged use. Installing the vanity needs expertise, and getting professional services also ensures good quality work. It also saves you from the possible damage and additional issues you might face in the future.

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