The bathroom is the only room in your home with the most moisture because of running sinks, occasional drips, and daily showers. This moisture can affect your windows, ceiling, or other hardware, and is also not good for your health. That’s why it is essential you must have the proper ventilation for your bathroom to prevent excessive moisture.

Why Ventilation Systems Are Important

There are many different reasons which make it mandatory to get the bathroom ventilated and it is something you should never ignore. Some of the main issues include the following:

Misty Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most important parts of the bathroom, which you use for getting ready or even checking out yourself when passing by, and believe us; no one likes rustic or misty bathroom mirrors. No ventilation in the bathroom results in misty bathroom mirrors.

Misty mirrors are not only frustrating but also cause irritation to the eyes. You require proper airflow to avoid this issue, and if you don’t have space for windows in your bathroom, then ventilation fans are the best solution. Having the right ventilation fan helps you with fast ventilation and saves your mirror from fogging up. 

Bacteria Incubation

The absence of windows creates a place for humidity and moisture in your bathroom. The excessive moisture makes the atmosphere for different bacteria to grow. This can result in two types of bacteria, including staphylococcus and streptococcus.

The staphylococcus bacteria is relatively unharmful and can be found in human skin. However, it can also cause a life-threatening condition when it gets into the bloodstream or internal organs. Streptococcus usually causes soar throat, and it can also be the reason for your soar having consistent soar if you don’t have windows or proper ventilation in your bathroom. You can also get many additional harmful diseases because of these issues; that’s why it is extremely important to ventilate your bathroom while remodeling your home. 

Expensive Bathroom Repairs

Mold and mildew grow rapidly in place with moisture and humidity. Not having a ventilation increases the chances of bacteria and humidity. It doesn’t only affect your respiratory system, but constant humidity can also destroy your bathroom flooring, walls, and ceiling, which can cost you a lot, and it is also not suitable for the long-term maintenance of the bathroom.

This can end up costing you thousands for maintenance which is not even completely removable sometimes. Having proper ventilation can help your home leave humidity for the rest of your life. Also, having the mold removed is very expensive, and it is also not safe for your members living in the household.

Reduce Structural Integrity of House

If your bathroom stays humid for a long, you’ll start noticing the house beginning to rot. The moisture will reduce the structural integrity of your house, which you can not get repaired easily.

Also, during winter, moisture grows faster in the attic, and that will also cause rust and loss of the strength of the structure of your house. The humidity also affects the wooden furniture. The repeated contraction will weaken the joints of your furniture, causing them to break down eventually. The cost of ventilating your bathroom is much lower than getting your bathroom renovated again and again. 

Types of Ventilation

There are different ways (except for the windows) that you can get your bathroom ventilated; some of the easiest solutions are the following:

Ceiling Vent

ceiling ventilation in bathroom

Having proper ventilation allows hot air to escape and cool air to enter the place.  Installing the ceiling vent helps you to ventilate your bathroom properly. It allows the air to escape the bathroom without even having any outside access, which makes it a convenient and smart choice. Some vents also include a light source, which means it works simultaneously as both light and ventilation. It also prevents the growth of mold and mildew in the walls and corner of the bathroom. 

Recirculating Fan

recirculating fan in bathroom

Bad odor in the bathroom can make it almost impossible to use the bathroom comfortably, and that’s the most common issue with bathrooms with no ventilation. The recirculating fan helps you to eliminate all the odor from your bathroom. It purifies the air in your bathroom through a filter, and it is usually recommended to get installed in the half baths. It is also helpful to remove water vapors accumulated on bathroom walls and mirrors, so if you don’t have windows in your bathroom, then this is your ideal solution.


Floor Duct Vent

floor duct ventilation in bathroom

If ventilation through the ceiling or roof is not possible, then your other option can be installing the floor duct vent. It is a special machine that uses floor grates to remove moisture and bad air from your bathroom. It is a great option for incorporating additional existing in your bathroom to eliminate odors and excessive moisture. However, ceiling ducts are considered to be a more effective option than floor ducts, or you can also get both of them installed together for improved results.

Ventilation Bath Fan

shower ventilation

Getting the proper bath fan installed from the bathroom to the nearest existing point allows the fan to remove all the moisture and odor from the bathroom to the outside, which keeps the bathing area dry and sanitary. You can also find different sizes of bath fans depending on the available area in your bathroom. These fans are also available with different capabilities and performance results, so make sure to choose the most effective option according to the space in the bathroom.

Why is it important to hire a professional?

Installing a ventilation system in your bathroom by yourself can be quite a difficult task, and there are chances that you’ll end up doing extra damage to the integrity of your house or apartment. Hiring a professional provides you with high-quality work because we’re experienced and have all the proper tools. We are capable of installing any kind of ventilation system you desire.

To learn more about our bathroom ventilation services, please get in touch with us here at Marich Inc. We would be happy to visit your home for a free consultation regarding kitchen remodeling in Austin TX and the surrounding areas. Call us at (512) 952-1868 for a free consultation.


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