Adding wall shelves while remodeling your bathroom is one of the aspects that shouldn’t be ignored. Wall shelves can be used to store many types of accessories, such as shampoos, hand towels, and bathrobes, as well as provide additional counter space for items like toothbrush holders, soap dishes, washcloths, and tissues. They also serve a functional purpose by keeping your bathroom free from clutter or simply being a spot to hang smaller items. 

Proper placement of these shelves ensures they are readily accessible without detracting from existing furnishings or décor. Wall-mounted shelving is one of the most efficient uses of a small bathroom’s available space, allowing you to make the most out of even limited storage quarters. Additionally, wall shelving can create visual interest in a room by providing contrast and additional texture to an area that may otherwise be relatively sterile in appearance.


When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, the wall shelves that you choose can make a difference in both function and style. There’s a wide array of materials available, and each of them carries its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to their use in a bathroom environment. To help you make an informed choice, here is everything you need to know about the benefits and limitations of each material. Some of the materials can include wood, ceramic, acrylic, and others.


wooden wall shelves

The wood material is often chosen for its durability and visual appeal. Plus, it is incredibly easy to clean and often adds an extra special aesthetic touch to your bathroom that only natural materials can bring. However, in addition to the health and aesthetic benefits of incorporating wood material wall shelves into your remodel project, there are also other valuable advantages that you should consider.

Wood material wall shelves are highly renewable resources compared to other options (such as metal), which makes them an excellent choice for those interested in living more sustainably within their home. This helps promote nature conservation with more eco-friendly choices when it comes to our limited natural resources. Also, wooden shelves can be created and customized in various shapes and colors depending on the interior design of each bathroom space.


ceramic wall shelves for bathroom

Ceramic wall shelves are a fantastic way to add a stylish and sophisticated touch to any home. Not only do they provide extra storage space, but they can also act as an interesting point of focal attention in the room. With their waterproof properties and resistance to staining, ceramic wall shelves are an excellent choice for bathrooms and other wet areas when you’re considering a remodel.

When it comes to ceramic wall shelves for bathroom remodels, there is a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures available. While traditional rectangular or square designs could be used for symmetrical arrangements, curved designs with organic shapes that form an intricate pattern or artwork on the wall could also be used. They are easy to clean and maintain; they don’t require the costly application of new sealants each year, and they can last well over 20 years with regular cleaning and basic maintenance.


acrylic shelves for bathroom

Acrylic is an incredibly durable and shatter-resistant substance; this means that it offers a degree of protection and security when placed up high on the bathroom wall. By having acrylic wall shelves in the bathroom, you can avoid the risk of any items falling off the shelf while still enjoying their aesthetic appeal. Secondly, acrylic comes in a wide range of styles and types, easily tailored to suit your desired decorating theme or function. This makes it perfect for creating unique designs that allow you to express yourself through your bathroom design.

In addition,  acrylic has superb heat-resistance and insulating qualities due to its silicone composition; this handy property helps keep both warm & cold air enclosed inside your bathroom, leading to more efficient temperature control year-round. Furthermore, unlike metal or wood frames, acrylic does not rust under damp conditions, which has become essential for bathrooms exposed to moist environments. Since most varieties are 100% waterproof, they can also be safely used in showering areas without worrying about humidity damage or mold growth.

Types of Wall Shelves

While remodeling your bathroom, wall shelves are something you must consider because it doesn’t only add aesthetics but also helps you make the space more functional by providing you the extra storage place to store and display your essentials. There are different types of bathroom shelves that you can choose for your bathroom depending on the style requirement and available space. Some of the types include floating shelves, corner shelves, recessed shelves, and others.

Floating Shelves

floating shelves

Floating shelves have become one of the most popular options for home remodeling due to their stylish designs, ease of installation, and practicality. Floating-style shelves may be a great option for adding extra storage space in bathrooms without taking up too much room. The key benefits associated with installing these types of shelves are ease of installation, stylish design, and simplified maintenance.

A major benefit of installing floating bathroom shelves is that they don’t require any special equipment or techniques for installation. As long as basic tools such as a drill, hammer, and nails are available, most homeowners can easily install these themselves. Furthermore, no additional support materials, such as wood supports or adhesive stability brackets, are usually needed. This makes floating shelves ideal for those who want to quickly add storage space to their bathroom without the hassle of having a professional do the job.

Corner Shelves

corner shelves

Corner-style shelves are a versatile and practical addition to any bathroom remodel. By providing convenient storage options in tight quarters, homeowners can maximize their space without compromising on design or function. Not only do corner-style shelves provide an organized and aesthetically pleasing look for the bathroom, but they also offer many other reliable benefits.

In addition, corner-style shelves are a great space-saver compared to regular bulky bookcases or storage cabinets. These shelf designs allow homeowners to make the most of any area by having the items such as towels, toilet paper, cleaning products, and beauty supplies stored neatly in an easily accessible corner location of their bathroom. Additionally, many unique corner shelf models come with a wider bracket that allows several items to be suspended at once. This eliminates the need for extra furniture while still retaining the organizational benefits of shelving units.

Recessed Shelves

recessed shelves for modern bathroom

Recessed shelves provide a unique storage solution that is ideal for home remodeling projects in bathrooms. Practical and stylish, these floating shelves are easy to install and constructed of materials to endure the moisture-filled atmosphere of a bathroom. There are a number of benefits associated with recessed-style shelving options that make them an ideal choice for homeowners undertaking bathroom renovations.

Aesthetically, recessed style shelving recognizes minimalism and contributes to a sleekly designed bathroom. By opting for this type of shelf design, unnecessary fixtures and components that extend outward from walls are done away with, allowing more freedom from floor space, and improving the overall appearance of the room. 

5 Benefits of Wall Shelves in Bathroom

wall shelves in bathroom


Wall shelves offer a range of benefits when it comes to home remodeling, making them an ideal feature for bathroom walls or other spaces in the home. Not only do wall shelves provide easy access storage options, but they are also affordable, require minimal installation and maintenance, and create a tidier look. Here are five key advantages to installing wall shelves in your bathroom:

  1. Wall shelves let you capitalize on vertical space. By utilizing wall shelves to store items that we would otherwise need to find storage in cupboards or drawers, you can maximize your bathroom’s storage potential while keeping items within reach.
  2. Versatile style options – Wall shelves come in all shapes and sizes to match any decorating style and fit snugly into corners or against flat walls. Find traditional wooden styles for a classic look or contemporary minimalist white designs for a modern feel.
  3. Easy installation process – You can easily install a shelf with just basic tools. This makes them ideal if you want a quick fix for an awkward corner without needing any extensive fitting expertise or calling upon a pro tradesperson.
  4. Low maintenance requirements –Wall shelves don’t need anything more complicated than dusting occasionally if you want them to look their best again over time. Therefore they represent excellent value for money against replacements every few years.
  5. Environmentally-friendly features – As well as being aesthetically pleasing, wall shelves also use far less material than traditional furniture pieces, which takes away some of the environmental burden associated with our interior design choices at home.

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