Whenever home owners decide to remodel their homes, it is usually because of the current issues they are facing or they are simply looking to update the look and interior of their overall house. In both of the cases, bathtubs are the most elegant addition you can make to your bathroom while remodeling your house. Bathtubs make your “washing” experience much more relaxing. Bathtubs don’t only add to the interior of your bathroom, but can also look dreamy with certain themes and styles.

Types of Bathtubs

There are various types of bathtubs available for different spaces. Here are some of the popular types of bathtubs to help you decide the best one for your bathroom.


modern style recessed bathtub in bathroom with black finished walls

Recessed bathtub is really common, and you can find them in different bathrooms. This bathtub is specially designed to cover three sides of the wall, featuring one main side well-finished. These bathtubs usually have wall-mounted faucets, and you can also install a shower in them. This style of bathtub can involve some construction, but it is totally worth it. You can also do a lot of experiments with this bathtub. 

Having a recessed bathtub makes a separate area in the bathroom dedicated to the shower and bathtub, which makes your interior look more presentable. Also, this bathtub can include some massaging jet to make it more relaxing and comforting. One of the main advantages of recessed bathtubs is they can also be incorporated into smaller bathrooms because of the different variations of styles and designs available nowadays. This bathtub is also a safe option, so you don’t need to be worried about your children using this for their regular baths.


stylish white corner bathtub with windows

A corner bathtub is usually installed separately from the shower area. This bathtub features a frontal finished side while the other two sides are incorporated into the nearest wall. There are different shapes in this bathtub, including rounded, angular, and pentangular. which you can choose based on your requirements. Corner bathtubs are becoming really popular with modern interiors because they are an ideal space-saving option, and it also looks unique and classy.

It is perfect for both small and large bathrooms to maximize floor space and let the traffic move freely without any struggles. You can also use wall space to incorporate other different features, such as a roof shower, which you can use when you’re in a hurry for the routine. Using the same style of bathtub for years can be a little boring, so if you’re looking to update your bathroom with something fun, then corner bathtubs should be your choice. This style of bathtub is also affordable and budget friendly, and the variations of sizes help you find your perfect match. 


modern style freestanding white  bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is very popular for a luxurious and modern style of bathrooms. This type of bathtub has four standalone sides and features many different designs. They are large in size and look more classy than the other bathtubs. These types of bathtubs can fit any modern and traditional themes, and you can find different shapes and sizes from traditional to any modern theme. People usually prefer this style because of its luxurious look and the statement it makes in your bathroom. These bathtubs are also easy to install, and you’ll only require a plumber to get the process done instead of a contractor. Freestanding bathtubs are a little complex, that’s why they are more expensive than other bathtubs. Also, you’ll be required to build a shower space separately because there’s no way you can incorporate a shower with freestanding bathtubs. 


white luxury garden styled bathtub

A garden bathtub is one of the most luxurious types of bathtubs. It is a large size and has a freestanding soak tub. They work as a statement piece for modern bathrooms and give the perfect spa-like ambiance to your space. The level of relaxation of the garden bathtub is unmatchable, and its design is truly a work of art. You can do a lot of experiments with its creativity and can also get this custom-made based on your requirements.

These bathtubs are visually appealing to make an impression, and you can also incorporate the right accessories with them for premium finishing. The best thing about these bathtubs is you can soak your body completely for a relaxed and comfortable experience. Garden bathtubs are luxury; that’s why you’ll find great quality and material in this style, and it also ensures durability and heat retention. These bathtubs are also low maintenance and don’t catch dirty easily.


Common Materials

When choosing the right bathtub for your bathroom apart from style, it is also important to choose suitable material for your bathtub so you can easily maintain it for long-term without being worried about maintenance and frequent issues. Choosing the right material can be little confusing because of variety of available options and choices. However, knowing basic information about different materials can help you making the right choice. Let’s discuss some of the most suitable and durable materials for bathtubs. 


Acrylic bathtub is one of the famous materials in bathtubs, and there are definitely several reasons for it. These bathtubs are made of vacuum-formed sheets reinforced  with fiberglass and formed together. Acrylic is durable, and you can find different options in terms of style, design, and size.

There are several qualities of this material, but one of the best things is it is quite affordable, so you won’t require to go over the budget just to add a bathtub to your bathroom. Acrylic is easily repairable, and having a comfortable surface, you can enjoy a relaxing bath. In addition, this is a lightweight and scratch-resistant material that you can maintain for the long term. 

Porcelain Enameled Steel

You can already assume by reading the name that it is something strong and heavy. This material is heavier than the usual bathtubs, but it is ideal for a family bathroom. Steel bathtubs are very durable and can withstand all tests of time for prolonged use. 

Also, having excellent conductivity, it can keep water warm for a good amount of time. This bathtub won’t even get damaged or stained, so you’ll be tension free in terms of getting it repaired or maintaining it with expensive products. Steel is also very hygienic, and it doesn’t catch any bacteria so there are no health issues to be worried about. There are only limited design options in this material, but you match them with any theme or interior. 


The fiberglass bathtub is budget friendly and easy to maintain. This material is lightweight, and that’s the reason it might not be durable as other bathtubs because of its thinner material. It is also not immune to scratches. Fiberglass can easily fade its color, and it can also get scratched. 

These bathtubs are easy to install, and you can also get them repaired pretty quickly in case of any damage without the need of replacing the whole tub with a new one. You’ll need to be careful to maintain these bathtubs well for long-term use. One of the best advantages of fiberglass is its affordability. While other materials can cost you a lot with a separate installation fee, this is one of the options you can consider to stay within your budget. 

Cast Polymer

Cast polymer is a strong and durable option for bathtubs. It provides the luxurious and elegant look of natural stone within your budget to make your bathroom look more presentable and aesthetic. Cast polymer is popular for bathtubs; that’s why you can find a variety of options in terms of styles, patterns, and modern designs.

 Cast polymer is well known for its durability and the fact that it is non-porous and stain resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms. Choosing this material will also save you from regular maintenance because this material never requires sealing. Also, these bathtubs are very easy to clean, and you can use water and soap for regular cleaning. Cast polymer is waterproof, and some people also like to pair up their bathtubs with the same material of countertops or walls to match the overall theme.  However, they are difficult to repair if it gets a deep crack or damage.

How do I choose the right bathtub?

There are multiple factors that you should consider while choosing the best bathtub for your bathroom, but some of the main points we recommend considering are the following:

  • Decide on a specific budget and search for available options in the required price range.
  • Available space is another main factor, so make sure to measure the space you’re looking to utilize for the bathtub.
  • Make sure that your water heater can handle enough water according to the capacity of your new bathtub.
  • Your bathtub should be durable for the long term and easy to maintain.
  • Make sure your bathroom surface can support the material you are getting for the bathtub.
  • Finally, choose the style that best suits your bathroom’s interior.

Professional Installation & Replacements

Installing or replacing the bathtubs doesn’t only include the bathtub but also involves contact with floors and plumbing. It is recommended to get the bathtubs replaced or installed professionally so you won’t end up damaging the flooring or messing up the plumbing stuff. Getting experienced assistance assures you the high-quality and durability for prolonged use.

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