Paint Your Kitchen

An experienced kitchen painting service can help bring an entire remodeling project together. This type of service is often offered through companies that specialize in interior remodeling, and a professional team can cater to the specific needs of each client. One of the key benefits associated with a kitchen painting service from a dedicated remodeling company is the access to high-quality materials and expert installation. Professional finishers use specialized methods that lend extra protection to areas where moisture or heavyfoot traffic are common, providing an extra layer of durability to ensure longer-lasting results. Furthermore, finishing products come in a variety of colors, textures and finishes that allow for creative expression when it comes to designing one’s ideal look for the space. Kitchens painted using these techniques also provide increased light reflectivity which further enhances their appearance by creating a brighter overall atmosphere.

In addition to standard services such as drywall repair and priming surfaces prior to painting, utilizing a knowledgeable interior remodeling team allows clients access to additional services, including custom carpentry work carried out before painting begins. Precise trimming and corner-zone installation allows paint jobs to have clean lines and smooth edges while intricate details enable clients to add visual accents throughout their kitchens – enhancing both character and practicality within the space. Depending on their requirements, customers may also opt for more rustic features such as aged patinas or artistic blendings (ie: marbleizing) for truly unique results that stand out from traditional forms of painting.

Finally, when requesting kitchen painting services from an experienced remodeling company, customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an insured final product boasting full warranty coverage against any potential defects or dissatisfaction with respect to material quality or workmanship long after the job has been completed – ensuring a great return on investment for years down the road!

Brighten Your Kitchen With Wallpaper

Marich Inc provides professional kitchen wallpaper installation services, utilizing advanced installation techniques and the highest quality materials. Our experienced staff can help to create seamless transitions between walls and ceilings, ensuring that every wallpaper installation looks perfect. We also understand the importance of hygiene in the kitchen, and therefore make sure that all our materials are hygienic and non-toxic for your family’s safety. Additionally, our fully reversible system enables us to make any adjustments you need quickly with no hassle or additional fees for repeat visits.

We use advanced techniques such as perforation, multi-layering and air bubble displacement during installation to prevent any buckling or bubbling issues with wallpaper in the future. We take clients through the entire process step by step until they have the perfect kitchen they envisioned! Furthermore, unlike many competitors who use cheaper designs of wallpaper, Marich Inc only uses modern up-to-date high-quality designs that will last long after we leave. Finally, we provide excellent customer service from start to finish, including consultations throughout the entire process so you know exactly what to expect when it comes time to install your kitchen wallpaper.

Kitchen Tiling

Marich Inc. offers a wide range of kitchen tiling services for remodeling projects. From backsplash and wall tile installations to ensuring that your countertops are flawless, our team of experts can provide everything required to make sure your new kitchen looks as amazing as you had imagined. We understand the importance of making sure everything is in order when we are dealing with pricey materials like ceramic, stone, and hardwoods – that’s why we use state-of the-art technology coupled with advanced adhesive methods to ensure a secure fit. Our team is well versed in laying tile against uneven surfaces and providing effective water drainage systems; making any odd angles or corners appear pristine. We also believe in removing old tiles prior to laying the new ones so that there are no bumps or bubbling occurring after our installation process has been completed – otherwise, there is potential for mold growth or rotting underneath these sections over time if left unchecked. Finally, we guarantee a thorough grouting job so that your kitchen doesn’t experience any color staining nor does it turn slippery from grease buildup.

Kitchen Materials

Marich Inc offers a kitchen materials and remodeling service that specializes in marble products. Our professional team of contractors are well-versed in the properties and uses of natural stones, such as their durability and beauty, allowing us to tailor our services to the needs of our customers. We have access to some of the highest-quality granite, quartzite, limestone, and travertine available on the market today along with marble. Each option is carefully considered for its ability to meet each customer’s preferences while being preserved over time.

Marble is celebrated in particular thanks to its unique colors and patterns that add a natural charm and sophistication to any kitchen or bathroom project. Our team employs various techniques necessary for cutting marble into more intricate forms, such as circular shapes used primarily for sinks and other elements like sinks stands or tables. Additionally, through its hard nature compared to other materials – such as tile or mosaic – we can create thicker pieces which makes means it great for window sills.

Our finishing touches — which include polishing — ensure that all marble tiles have a sheen that lasts without losing any of its beautiful colors or texture. Our sealers also give a finish an extra layer of protection by making them stainproof; therefore there’s no need for complicated maintenance methods. With Marich Inc’s attention to detail when it comes to designing with high-quality finishes, you can rest assured your kitchen will be fitted with fine quality material that will last a lifetime!

To learn more about our kitchen finishes services, please get in touch with us here at Marich Inc. We would be happy to visit your home for a free consultation regarding kitchen remodeling in Austin TX and the surrounding areas. Call us at (512) 952-1868 for a free consultation.


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Arun Yadav
Arun Yadav
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We had such a great experience with this company from the beginning to the end. Our office looks great and we are very thankful to have had a great team being respectful to our home and working over and beyond to make sure we were overall happy. Many Thanks.
Somkid Clarke
Somkid Clarke
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It was a peace of mind to work with such knowledgeable team of people! Marisa and Richard are easy to work with, they are honest and use quality materials at affordable prices. They considered the project as if they are an owner. I would call them again.
David Potter
David Potter
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Consummate professionals, experienced, reliable and dependable, top to bottom. What more do you need to know? They care about you and what it is that YOU need and want.
Avinash Sharma
Avinash Sharma
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I have had the privilege to work with Marisa for the last few years now. There are no shortcuts taken and all work is completed to the highest standard. highly recommended.


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