In the latest kitchen trends, islands have become a necessary part of the kitchen’s theme and structure. Kitchen Island provides extra space to make the kitchen more functional, and you can also utilize the space under the kitchen island as an extra storage space. The kitchen island also adds value to your kitchen’s aesthetics. For example, you can match it with the countertop or cabinets to match the overall look and feel.


Kitchen Islands are made of different materials, but the commonly used materials include solid wood, marble, and stainless steel. All of these materials are durable and easy to maintain.



granite island

Marble countertops are considered to be luxurious statements for the kitchen. In addition, they enhance the overall look and aesthetics of the kitchen. Although it requires more maintenance than granite, it is a durable stone, making it worthy of all the care. Also, it is efficient to handle island traffic, so you don’t need to be worried about damage or cracks. The whiteness of marble is unmatchable, and it will give you the most premium look.

Stainless Steel


stainless steel island

Stainless steel is often used for industrial places, but these islands also work great for the domestic kitchens. Stainless steel islands are easy to maintain and are hygienic. Stainless steel islands have a higher resistance to corrosion in humid environments and climates. It is resistant to heat and has a nonporous surface which means you do not have to worry about fungus and bacteria. This material is also safe for the environment, and you can use for a very long time.



granite black island for modern kitchen

Granite is also very popular for kitchen islands. Granite islands are durable and easy to clean and maintain. These islands are budget-friendly and great options for long-term use. You can get the granite island sealed, which will make it more durable in the long term. These islands are also safe for health because it doesn’t get bacteria and dirt. Choosing the best quality of granite also helps in increasing the value of your home because granite kitchens are usually more desirable.



marble island in modern kitchen

Laminate is also a good and budget-friendly option to enhance the look of your kitchen. This material island can be maintained well with some extra care. Nowadays, you can find a variety of designs available in laminate islands, and you can easily achieve the premium look of quartz, marble, and any other expensive material using the laminate. Having a non-porous surface, laminate doesn’t easily get dirt and moisture.  

Types of Kitchen Islands

You might have seen the pantry in big and luxurious homes, but that doesn’t mean small houses can not have a pantry. A pantry is one of the most efficient and organized storage solutions for the kitchen, and there are several ways you can incorporate the pantry into a small space. Some of the popular styles and solutions for pantries are the following:

Counter Height Island


counter height island

This type of island is usually a countertop without built-in storage. Counter height island is the same height as countertops and can often be used as a dining table. This island is durable and affordable.

Rolling Cart Island


rolling cart island

Rolling Cart Islands work as a portable work area. These islands are convenient for small kitchens because you can also keep them outside when they are not needed. You can also lock the rolling cart islands in a specific area based on your requirements.

Non-Portable Kitchen Island


non portable island


The non-portable islands are traditional types of islands without any wheels at the bottom. These types of islands are best for prepping for food and other kitchen chores. Non-portable islands are suitable for small kitchens and are simple to function.

Things To Consider Before Installing a Kitchen Island

Adding the island to your kitchen while renovating or remodeling your kitchen can be a great decision, but there are some factors you must consider before installing the island. 


  1. It is essential that you analyze the space first for the island and measure the area you want your kitchen island to be installed.

  2. Decide the functionality, whether you will use it as a sitting space or working space while cooking, so you can choose the style accordingly.

  3. Most islands provide storage underneath, so choose the open space or storage island according to your requirements. 

  4. Decide on a budget and then look for suitable options.

  5. Lastly, get your kitchen island installed by professionals so you won’t end up wasting your time or damaging anything.

Installation Services

Kitchen Islands are pricey and not easy to handle; that’s why they should be handled professionally. The procedure is often tough and might also end up resulting in damage or scratches. Getting the island installed by professionals ensures the safety of your kitchen and also saves you time.

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