Damaged ceilings and paint peeling from walls can be disturbing for someone who loves to maintain their kitchen. There could be many reasons for this problem, but this is definitely something that can be taken care of while remodeling or renovating your kitchen.

Reason for Peeling or Damaged Ceilings and Walls

There can be many reasons for the damaged ceilings and walls in your kitchen, but some of the main possible reasons include; the surface not being adequately primed before painting, moisture damage, or maybe the cheap quality paint.

How to make your kitchen walls more attractive?

While remodeling your kitchen, choosing the right style for your wall can be a little confusing with all the available options. Here are some options that can help you with upgrading your walls to a new and stylish look.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a good and popular option for kitchen walls, and you must have seen them in your surroundings. They are easy to maintain in terms of water jets, greasy splashes, and other stains.


Vinyl walls are cost-effective, and you can maintain them on a long-term basis. Vinyl walls are easy to install, and you can also get them customized according to your kitchen’s theme.


Wallpaper is a traditional way of covering kitchen walls, but nowadays, you can find many modern-style options that come with extra coating to prevent the walls from stains and dirt.


Wooden walls in the kitchen provide a cozy and aesthetic feeling. However, wood walls or panels are sensitive to moisture, so you must get them professionally installed to prevent any issues.

Types of Ceiling Tiles

When choosing ceiling tiles, there can be many options you can choose from. Some of the best materials for ceiling tiles include; mineral fiber, plasterboard tiles, insulated tiles, and metal ceiling tiles.

Mineral Fiber Tiles

These ceiling tiles are made of natural and recycled content such as new prints, clay, perlite, starch, and fiberglass. Mineral fiber tiles are also really common at professional places because of their clean look, and they also a great value for money.

Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal ceiling tiles provide a luxurious and expensive look to your kitchen. They are mostly suitable for vintage, and you can also paint them to match any theme of your kitchen.

Plastic Ceiling Tiles

The plastic ceiling tiles are lightweight and affordable tiles for the kitchen. You can find different designs and textures embossed in the plastic tiles. They are often used to provide a geometrical or three-dimensional look to the ceiling.

Cork Ceiling Tiles

These tiles are an eco-friendly option for your kitchen. Cork tiles are naturally fire and water-resistant with good absorbing abilities, making them ideal for any kitchen. Cork ceiling tiles are affordable and durable for the long term.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Trends for the Ceiling

Lightning can make any big or small kitchen look more attractive. If you are looking for new lighting ideas and trends for renovating your ceiling, here are some new ideas that will make your decision easier.

 Ceramic Pendant

Ceramic pendant lights are cool and add an aesthetic feel to small kitchen islands. You can add a single ceramic pendant, which will be a wise choice to make your kitchen look more classy.

Multiple Spot Lights

You can add multiple spotlights with long row on the narrow space from the ceiling. This will make your island look more vibrant, and you can also keep the lights adjustable so you can change the positions of spotlights according to your needs.


If you are looking for a royal and exquisite addition to your kitchen, chandeliers are the best options. You can use one big chandelier or two medium chandeliers and install them from the ceiling on the top of your kitchen island, and it will make a great statement.

Single Bar LED Lights

LED lights do wonders for the modern touch. You can install a single bar LED light from your ceiling, which will change the look of your kitchen pretty well. It adds a cohesive look, and you can also choose the shape of the LED based on your preference.

How to choose the best light for your kitchen ceiling?

It can get confusing when choosing the lights for your kitchen, but here are some tips to help you make an efficient decision.

  1. Choose the style of lights that will match your kitchen hardware.
  2. Examine the proportion of your kitchen and choose the size of the lights accordingly.
  3. Experiment with the styles and select the light complimenting your kitchen’s theme.
  4. You can also experiment with shelf and cabinet lights  to add depth to your kitchen.
  5. Choose the lights that are easy to install to save yourself from the lengthy process.

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